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The amazing BAFTA award winning actress, Daisy May Cooper

Mermaid Meditation for the Nation!

“You are multilingual when it comes to the spirit world.” ~ Phillip Schofield

ITV’s This Morning – The Mermaid Whisperer episode (2020) VIEW HERE

Karen Kay’s appearance on ITV’s This Morning with the beautiful mermaid Emma Moon 🧜‍♀️🐚🧜🏿‍♀️
“I had a wonderful time chatting with amazing presenters, Holly and Phil” 🧜‍♀️🐚💕🧜🏻‍♀️🌺🧜🏿‍♀️🐚

If you missed it you can watch here: THE MERMAID WHISPERER

“You’ve lifted the veils from their pearlescent tails” – forestqueen27 



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“Karen is a trailblazer in fairy wisdom and lifestyle” – George Lizos

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Karen’s reading was accurate, perceptive + amazing. She has the gift to speak + summarize messages in just a few words as well as providing me with valuabe insights, guidance + discoveries about myself. She also channeled messages prior to my reading. I absolutely loved it + it was spot on. Thanks a lot Karen. Gabi P.

How kind and wise Oracle of the Fairies is. It’s certainly beautiful – the images are just lovely – but more than that, it’s gentle wisdom teaches with each card in such a kind and loving way. Well done Wise Faery Lady! We know people will love it!” ~ Wendy and Brian Froud.

As seen on ITV’s This Morning! Watch video here!

I think I speak for many when I say the work you do to raise awareness of the energies of the otherworld and to help people think in a more respectful way about nature is gratefully appreciated. You are paving a way for many to follow. Much love xxx – Gill Nicholas

Fairy, Unicorn, and Mermaid Meditations

“Karen has the truly remarkable ability to connect with, and relate to, realms and dimensions which, for most mere humans, remain unseen………This self evident depth, coupled with her infectious and bubbling enthusiasm for, and vast knowledge of all things Fae, renders Karen as the ideal person to stand at the front and lead others on such truly enchanted occasions.” –  Mark, CORNWALL, UK. 

Bestselling Hay House author Karen Kay, is the creator of Oracle of the Fairies and Messages from the Mermaids.

“Unicorns represent freedom…. There’s so much going on in the world at the moment, we all need upliftment and celebration.” ~ Karen Kay via BBC

Karen Kay is the Editor in Chief of FAE Magazine (Faeries and Enchantment). She also writes a monthly fairy column in Soul & Spirit magazine.

Karen was interviewed for Gothic Beauty magazine about her early days as a goth and punk postcard girl!

Karen Kay co founded the 3 Wishes Fairy Festival in Cornwall, UK, with Michael Tingle. the pair also founded the first UK Faery Balls in 2006. Karen also hosted the UK’s debut Angel Conference in 1999.

She was invited to speak about faeries at the Hay House World Angel Summit online in 2017! More than 150 thousand people tuned in to hear the summit. Her popular talk was called ‘Opening the door to the fairy world‘ and included a guided meditation where listeners could tune in to the fairy realm and to connect with the nature angels.

Meditation CD’s by Karen Kay

Karen loves angels too and connect with them daily. She create events that convey a sense of the magic that awaits when you connect with the beautiful energy of the fairy realms of love and light.


Karen has organised events since 1994 and founded Love & Light Events, the divine platform for all my events, past, present, and future – including; Earth, Health & Mystic Fayres (Est. 1994), The Angel Conference (a one-off event in 1999), Faery, Angel & Healing Fayre (Est. 2003),  The Green Man Midsummer Festival in Birmingham (a one-off event in 2005), The Faery Ball (Est 2006) and the 3 Wishes Faery Fest (Est 2007). I launched the Glastonbury Avalon Faery Ball and Avalon Faery Fayre in 2009, and I am also the founder of London’s first Faery Ball – The Urban Faery Ball .

Karen Kay’s journalistic experience working for the BBC, plus holding a Post Graduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism has proved to be invaluable regarding her current role as Editor in Chief for FAE Magazine (Faeries and Enchantment).