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Ancient Monuments where I live, plus your card for the week ahead

Hello beautiful being,

We made it through the Eclipse yay! Phew, I found it super challenging, but happy to say the energies have cleared.

I ventured out to some local ancient monuments near where I live, I even crawled through the holed stone at Men-An-Tol.

“The holed stone has long been the subject of legends relating to healing and divination. Formerly known as the Crick stone, it was thought that to crawl through the hole nine times widdershins (against the sun or anti-clockwise) was a cure for backache, rickets and scrofula. Children would be passed through three times. Also, if a brass pin was placed on the stone, questions could be answered by the movement of the pin. It is sometimes used nowadays in ceremonies involving rebirth or transformation into other realities.” ~ Source cornishancientsites.com

Whilst at this site, I placed my Oracle of the Fairies cards on top of the holed stone, and a gentle breeze came and blew three cards onto the ground! One of the cards flipped over, and to my delight, and surprise it was “Magical Gateway“! How perfect is that! Another one was ‘Believe in Magic“! The third card shall remain a mystery as I did not turn it over! Whoops!

It reminded me of an early edition of my FAE Magazine (issue 15, summer 2011)

Artwork copyright Aaron Pock for FAE Magazine


Card for the Week

Here’s your card of the week, from my Oracle of the Fairies 

Published by Hay House. Featuring the artwork of Ginger Kelly


Magical Gateway

It takes courage and trust to venture into the unknown, yet this is where the greatest rewards are. It’s time to step boldly forward without looking back.

The fairies are asking you to step through the fairy door and into their world of magic and wonder. They’re telling you that fairy tales are real and that you’re never too old to believe in fairies. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about embarking on the fairy path? If you’re using this deck, the chances are you already have more than a passing interest in the ways of the fae. If so, now is the time to walk through the fairy door and fully embrace your magical fairy self. The golden key to this fairy door resides inside your heart.

It’s important to know that once you step through this magical doorway your life will be changed. You’ll see and feel nature in a deeper way; you’ll feel more connected to the plants, trees and flowers and develop a deeper compassion for all living things. You might even find yourself becoming vegan or vegetarian, if you’re not already. Your interest in conservation and the environment could also be heightened. These are all traits of someone who has ventured through the fairy door, so consider this carefully.

If you’re at all unsure whether you should walk through the fairy door, meditate on the question until you know in your heart that it’s the right thing to do. Once you’ve passed through the door, prepare for more magic and joy to enter your life, knowing that you’re always safe, protected and loved.

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Manifesting with the Fairies

 Manifesting with the Fairies by Karen Kay with art by Jane Delaford Taylor. Published by Hay House.

With love, light and magical fairy blessings

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