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Connecting with the Fairies to care for the Earth

Hi! It’s almost Valentine’s day! A time for love, lovers, self-love and self-care.

Show yourself how much you love YOU! I shall be self-nurturing with long luxurious baths, rose petals and some organic raw vegan chocolate.

I had a wonderful time at the holistic Festival in Poole this weekend just gone, and I caught up with my special fairy friend and author, Flavia Kate Peters! She will be at the March Fairy Fayre next month in Glastonbury (see below for info on this event).

My fairy interview is on TONIGHT on The Sacred Earth Telesummit on 12th February. My talk and meditation is called, “Connecting with the Fairies to care for the Earth” My talk will be available for up to 48 hours afterwards to listen for FREE!


Together with you, we’re creating beautiful sacred space where we can partner with the Spirit of the Earth and the Beings of Nature in powerful new ways. Each call will be like a mini-class, complete with guided meditations.

To join me and the fairies for this magical SACRED EARTH TELESUMMIT CLICK HERE sign up for FREE.

Plus you’ll also have the opportunity to receive my Elemental Earth Healing Meditation as a part of the extra bonus package.

Welcome the fairies into your life and let the magic flow! I will be “Opening the Fairy Door” at the Glastonbury Town Hall Fairy Fayre on Saturday 9th March during a special workshop.

This fun workshop will include a talk, a fairy door meditation to connect with the fairies, Q&A plus a sprinkling of fairy dust (eco of course!). Experience the beautiful and magical energy of the fairies as you step through the fairy door for the highest good of all.

Book your space to attend this workshop HERE.

Join the Facebook event page for this workshop HERE

For more details about the Glastonbury Fairy Weekend see the Facebook event page.

PRE-ORDER Oracle of the Fairies on Amazon.com

My new fairy column in the February edition of Soul & Spirit Magazine is called “Finding Calm in the Fae”

See you in fairyland!
Love and fairy blessings


September 21st and 22nd You’ll find me at the Avebury Fairy Weekend where I will be holding a FAIRY WORKSHOP at the Henge Shop and giving a special preview of ORACLE of the FAIRIES!

I have released several meditation CD’s and MP3’s to help you connect with the fairy realm. You can view them here:
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