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Would you like to connect with fairies?

Hi magical one, as a response to your questions on how to connect with fairies, I am hosting my “Connecting with Fairies” online workshop on Sunday 10th October. I do hope you will join me and others of like-minds and hearts.

Connecting with Fairies

Learn simple techniques to welcome the fairies into your life with bestselling Hay House author, Karen Kay. This class will be via Zoom on Sunday 10th October at 7pm-8pm BST. Replay will be available.

Karen will share some her  personal techniques for inviting fairies into your life.

Just come with an open mind and heart, as we open the fairy door to a world of magic and wonder during this lighthearted workshop ~ Karen Kay, bestselling author of Oracle of the Fairies and Messages from the Mermaids.


Do you need positive guidance as you navigate uncharted waters? Perhaps you have specific questions? Or would just like a general overview of the energies at play in your life – If so, you might enjoy a 30 or 60 minute session with me – Click on the photo below for more info and/or to book your slot.

Book a one-to-one Fairy or Mermaid ORACLE Reading with Karen Kay

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