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Cover reveal! NEW oracle deck! Plus your card of the day/weekend

Hi! I’m soooo excited!! I’ve just received an advance copy of my shiny new magical oracle deck! Manifesting with the Fairies, featuring the real artwork of Jane Delaford Taylor, and I’m totally in love!

Here’s a little peek that I shared on my social media pages yesterday and the response was wonderful!

Card of the day/week: Wishes Granted

The cards arrived on the Blue Super Full Moon, so the timing could not be more perfect! My wish really was granted, so it feels right to share the first reading from my new deck: WISHES GRANTED.


Message from Manifesting with the Fairies by Karen Kay with art by Jane Delaford Taylor. Published by Hay House.

PRE-ORDER Manifesting with the Fairies


SAVE THE DATE!! Saturday 25th November 2023 – Chalice Well, Glastonbury


Each participant will receive a pre-release signed copy of my NEW Manifesting with the Fairies oracle deck!

With love, light and magical fairy blessings

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