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Fairies on TV! Spreading love and light across the nation!

Hello magical friend,

Wow what an amazing summer solstice it’s been, here in the UK! I was invited to appear on TV in a secret fairy forest as a part of the UK’s largest breakfast show, This Morning on ITV. I have shared a couple of clips on my social media pages, plus a few photos from the show and behind-the-scenes below. Also if you live within the UK you can see the full episode HERE. where I share the title of my forthcoming book!! Ssshhhh! Blink and you might miss it! Any issues with the link just fly over to the official ITV website and search for This Morning, and I’m on the Friday 21st June episode with my lovely fae friend, Claire Sylvan Wand, who hosts her very own podcast.

Alison Hammond and Dermot  O’Leary were in the London Studio while presenter Will Best chatted with us in the secret forest for this magical outside broadcast. I had the best time sharing fairy giggles, love, light and joy across the nation! This is the fifth time I have appeared on this show as the resident This Morning Fairy Correspondent!  I love the TM team so much! I’m feeling very blessed and grateful.

My outfit credits: Mushroom dress by Blackmilk Clothing.

Flower crown by The Flora Mystica

Flower embellished sandals by Irregular Choice.

Crystal wand and Will’s furry ears created by Armorel Hamilton


Card for the Weekend

Published by Hay House. Featuring the artwork of Jane Delaford Taylor


The minute you think about something, it manifests astrally; as soon as you write it on paper, it can manifest physically. Manifestation is easier than you think!


The wish of this magical fairy queen is that your manifestation(s) come true, and that you can also step into your own manifesting power – to bring into this reality all the things that make your heart sing.

She recommends calling in the energy of the gnomes on your manifestation journey. The gnomes are well known in the fairy realm for being hard‐ working manifesters who don’t stop until the task at hand is completed, which is why the Fairy Queen of Manifestation wears a golden gnome pendant as a reminder of their magical powers. ‘Teamwork makes the dream work,’ she says. A simple way to invoke the gnomes is to place a garden gnome in your outside space or on a windowsill – this is a signal that they’re welcome.

If you get out of your own way, try to stop focusing on the how, why, when, and where, and simply allow the universal divine energy – combined with the fairies of manifestation and your own heart‐ fueled intentions – you’ll find things can manifest far quicker that you thought!

If you already own this deck, and this card appears alongside ‘Wishes Granted’ and/or ‘Magic and Miracles,’ you can be certain that super‐powerful manifesting magic is a‐fairy‐ foot! We’re always manifesting things via our thoughts, so it’s important to be mindful of yours – what you focus your attention on is like a signpost to the universe, and the fairies.


Write your wish/desire on paper, then open your mind and heart to inspiration or ideas that come to you in the following days or weeks. Doing this in conjunction with the moon cycles, in particular the new moon as it builds to the full moon, will add extra energy. Visualize your manifestation coming to fruition in this reality – feel it with all your heart.


I trust in my ability to manifest the things and situations I desire in life, while respecting others’ freewill, and always for the highest good of all.

If you are enjoying the cards, and you could leave me a review on Amazon I’d be grateful.

Manifesting with the Fairies

 Manifesting with the Fairies by Karen Kay with art by Jane Delaford Taylor. Published by Hay House.


3 Wishes Fairy Festival 2024

3 magical days and nights within the aura of Avalon, with views of Glastonbury Tor, who could ask for more!

16th – 18th August

Garslade Farm, Godney, Nr Glastonbury



I’m speaking on Saturday 20th July – See tabi.org.uk/event/2024-summer-conference

Join me for a Fairy Retreat at Chalice Well with Karen Kay

Glastonbury 9-10 November 2024

Join me and some special fairy friends for this weekend workshop non-residential retreat in Avalon. Each participant will receive a SIGNED COPY of my LATEST RELEASE! Ssshhhh!!!! That’s all I’m saying for now!!!


With love, light and magical fairy blessings

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