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Fairy Congress: A Virtual Fairy Ring ~ Opening the Door to the Fairy World

Opening the Door to the Fairy World

A Virtual Fairy Ring

I’m facilitating a “Virtual Fairy Ring” as a part of the @fairy.congress online monthly workshops and I couldn’t be happier about this! I will be “Opening the Door to the Fairy World” during a magical workshop on Saturday 15th May.
If you’d like join me, do fly over to www.fairycongress.com/monthly-workshops to book. If you have any questions about this workshop, do feel free to send an email.

Rainbow Meditation

“New Age Classics from the age of innocence and purity. Tap into the divine magic directly from the cosmic heart.”


This was my first recorded meditation many years ago, yet it stands the test of time and forms a part of Karen’s Classic Collection. Relax and gently drift away with this gentle meditation journey.

Melt into the rainbow and allow the colours to wash over you, refreshing your mind, body and soul during the relaxing and peaceful rainbow meditation. This is a classic meditation with peaceful ‘rainbow’ music composed by Kez Stone. An ideal way to introduce the benefits of total relaxation and peace.

Journey to Avalon and meet the fairies of Glastonbury Tor

My column in this issue of Soul & Spirit Magazine

Most people associate Avalon with goddesses and all things mystical. But did you know that there are stories of fairies living inside Avalon in Glastonbury Tor? Avalon has been claimed in other locations, but this time I’m talking about Glastonbury in Somerset, UK, where the fairy king lives!

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