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Froudian Memories, Card for the Week ahead, plus event news.

Hello beautiful friends!

Wow!! What an incredible few weeks!my Froudian Faerie Weeknd went wonderfully well! I’m still processing all the magic that happened during the weekend. I will share a few photos below to give you a fairy flavour of the weekend.

My workshop went really well and those in attendance said they could feel the energy from the faerie Singers – it was pretty powerful! I was super-honoured to have THE Mr Brian Froud introduce the session too!

The whole weekend literally flew by and before I knew it, it was over in a fairy-flash! I’m so pleased there are more fairy events this year, plus my NEW Fairy Retreat in Glastonbury in November at Chalice Well Meeting Room.

Scroll down for your Card for the Week Ahead and more fairy news…



Weekend Fairy Retreat with Karen Kay – Glastonbury 9-10 November 2024

Join me and some special fairy friends for this weekend workshop retreat in Avalon. Each participant will receive a SIGNED COPY of my LATEST RELEASE! Ssshhhh!!!! That’s all I’m saying for now!!!





I’m so excited to be invited to present at the online Water Priestess Confluence hosted by @laureleiblack and @annwynavalon 🧜🏻‍♀️🐚💙 I will be sharing: Ocean Embrace: A Mermaid-Guided Healing Experience. I’m presenting on SATURDAY 6th APRIL

To participate swim over to Waterpriestess.com and sign up to reserve your space for this virtual online watery gathering 💙

You can join from anywhere in the world! Plus if you want to get in the mood, check out my Messages from the Mermaids Oracle deck here to receive a signed copy.

Card for the Week Ahead

Here’s your card of the week, from my Manifesting with the Fairies oracle deck Featuring the artwork of Jane Delaford-Taylor.




It’s time for you to absorb knowledge through study. Knowledge can come to us via books or life experience – use yours wisely.

It’s pointless to acquire knowledge just for the sake of it, says this fairy queen – filling our heads with facts for no particular reason. Instead, her wish is that you gather the knowledge you need to perform the task or tasks at hand. Sometimes we read books to become more knowledgeable, and other times we bury our head in a book to avoid being with the ‘self.’ She also reminds you that you have an inherent knowledge that comes from wisdom. Perhaps it’s time for you to write your own teaching memoir based on your life experience.

Receiving this card could mean that you’re gathering knowledge for either self‐education or home education. Perhaps you’re home‐schooling your children. Or considering signing up to a night school, college, or university as a first‐time or mature student. Maybe you’re a teacher and are thinking it’s time to expand your skills. This card appears as a sign to ‘go for it.’ You’re never too old to learn more!

This fairy queen loves books as physical containers of knowledge, but she advises you not to hold on to books unnecessarily. How many of us have shelves laden with volumes that we’ve never read and have no intention of reading!? Is that you? If so, it could be time for a clear‐out; you could donate some of your books to a charity or to friends and family.


Manifest more knowledge by practical means: Read books and study the things that bring your heart joy. Become like a sponge, absorbing all the information that you need.


I am naturally wise and knowledgeable. I absorb any knowledge I require with ease.


I’m offering exclusive SIGNED copies of my Manifesting with the Fairies oracle decks! Each deck will come with a magical mini gift bag!

Thank you, once again if you purchased or was gifted my new Manifesting with the Fairies oracle deck. Please fly over to amazon.com or amazon.co.uk and leave a review, I’d be very grateful ……. You don’t have to have bought the deck from Amazon to leave a review. I really do appreciate you taking the time to do this, as it not only helps myself and my publishers, but also more importantly, those who are searching for a new oracle deck.

Due to exciting fairy work commitments, I am not taking any more bookings for private readings for the next few months. It’s ok though, as I’m still posting free oracle readings on my social media pages.

Manifesting with the Fairies

 Manifesting with the Fairies by Karen Kay with art by Jane Delaford Taylor. Published by Hay House.

With love, light and magical fairy blessings

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