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UPDATE: On 20th December 2017 I made the following announcement on my official Facebook page regarding the Love & Light Divine Guidance Deck:

Hi everyone, so, I’m just going to put this ‘out there’.
It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing my withdrawal from the ‘Love & Light’ guidance cards project with my friend Doreen Virtue, whom I still love dearly. I am very sad to be removing my name from this project that started off as a dream-come-true. So many things have changed in a short span of time and it has become apparent that our spiritual paths are going in different directions. So, I felt it was only right to step away from something that I can no longer fully put my heart into.
You can read more on my blog at
I’ve been working on some other exciting fairy related projects that I shall reveal in 2018.
I love you all, and really appreciate your love and support.
with love
Karen xxx

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Love & Light: 44 Divine Guidance Cards & Guidebook by Doreen Virtue & Karen Kay,  is due for release in June 2018 and is available to pre-order from and now.

The angel and earth-angel art on the cover and cards is by Kagaya Yutaka and Takaki.

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I am very blessed to be a co-author with Doreen Virtue. We have written ‘Love & Light’ a Divine Guidance card deck and guide book, which is due to be released in June 2018. This light-filled deck and guide book incorporates Doreen’s new path, and also takes me back to my roots of ‘Love & Light’ which happens to also be the name of the divine umbrella for all my projects. Being brought up in a multi-faith environment, I have always been eclectic with a deep respect for all paths of peace.

“The name ‘Love & Light’ was given to me during a meditation back in early 2000, and it’s wonderful to see it come full circle, and that it’s to be the name of my first release with Hay House.” ~ Karen Kay

Love & Light is already available to pre-order on and – It is VERY exciting for me, and I am thankful to Doreen and Hay House for the opportunity to share my work in this way.