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Manifesting with the Fairies in Glastonbury!

Hello lovely fairies!

It’s been a super-busy time in fairyland, so I thought I’d do a “virtual” fly-by to let you know some of the things that are coming up for Karen Kay the Fairy Lady!

This coming Saturday 20th October you’ll find me in Glastonbury at the Avalon Fairy Fayre. I will be holding a Manifesting with the Fairies workshop upstairs at the Town Hall. The Fairy Fayyre is on for two days and entry to the daytime Fayre is free. My workshop is £5, and you can book your ticket HERE if you wish to attend.


I have released several meditation CD’s and MP3’s to help you connect with the fairy realm. You can view them here:
You can also follow my Facebook page for daily inspiration and musings:
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See you in fairyland!
Love and fairy blessings
OCTOBER: ‘Manifesting with the Faeries’ mini workshop at Glastonbury Town Hall, UK on Saturday 20th October at 2pm to 3pm – cost is just £5

For more details and to book your place click HERE.

NOVEMBER: Fairy workshop at the Kempton Park MBS & Wellbeing weekend on Saturday 17th November. See their event page HERE
DECEMBER: International Angels Radio Show on 9th December – Event page and details HERE
JANUARY: Free Fairy one hour workshop at the Healing Light Festival. On Sat 26th and Sunday 27th January 2019 Venue: Heartlands Cornwall – Chi An Bobel Community Hall, Robinson’s Shaft Dudnance Lane, Pool, Nr Redruth, Cornwall TR15 3QY. Event page HERE

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