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Manifest your Dream Career

Soul & Spirit Magazine – November 2017

Attract Fairies Into Your Home

Soul & Spirit Magazine – October 2017

Spirit & Destiny magazine

WORLD ANGEL SUMMIT 2017 – Opening the Door to the Fairy World

A few testimonials from my talk with Doreen Virtue for the Hay House World Angel Summit.


Chat It’s Fate Magazine

A guided fairy meditation by Karen Kay, ‘Connecting with the Faeries’

FAE magazine – spring 2017

A Fairy feature by Karen Kay for Prediction Magazine (2008) with art courtesy of faerie artist, Brian Froud.

Fairy Fever article from The Guardian

May 2008

If you’ve not had dealings with fairies since your milk teeth dropped out, now might be a good moment to get reacquainted. The Little People are hitting the big time, and these days the elfin industry is worth far more than 10p under the pillow! Pixie gear is everywhere, from websites selling custom-made wings and personal “fairy card” readings to Visit, Britain’s recently published guide to the UK’s most sprite-infested sites. There’s even a three-day festival dedicated to the fluttery folk: 3 Wishes Fairy Festival held in Cornwall UK and promises unicorn rides, wing and wand workshops, and general “magic and enchantment”.

Organiser Karen Kay attributes the rise of “fairy fever” to the growth of the green movement: “Fairies promote respect for nature and help us connect with the earth – many people are drawn to this. The majority of the festival-goers believe in their existence.”


Angel expert Doreen Virtue and Karen Kay in Bristol UK on 24-04-2004