Fairy and Mermaid Whisperer, Karen Kay shares her love for the elemental realms through her work. She’s a bestselling  Hay House author with two oracle decks, Messages from the Mermaids and Oracle of the Fairies. She is the co-founder of the 3 Wishes Fairy Festival, and Faery Events is a columnist for Soul & Spirit magazine. Karen is also the founder of FAE and Mermaids Magazines. In her spare time, she sings, makes music, and creates meditation CDs with Michael Tingle. A busy lady who always has time for others and loves to spread her joy and shine her light in this world.

Karen connects to the elemental realms bringing through ancient wisdom from fairies, mermaids and unicorns into our human realm. A passionate nature lover, her friendship with the fairies began as a young child in her grandmother’s garden, where she used to collect rose petals to make perfume for the flower fairies. She is related to renowned fairy poet and author, Walter De La Mare. Karen is releasing her first fairy cards “Oracle of the Fairies”, with Hay House in 2019. Her connection with the mer-folk started when she first moved to Cornwall in the late 1980’s – She felt an overwhelming sense of coming “home” and was drawn to the ocean, where she used to sketch mermaids and mermen.

“Fairies and Mermaids are very dear to me, as they are guardians of our beautiful planet earth and the oceans! I am related to the poet Walter de la Mare, who is known for his fairy and mermaid poetry. You may have noticed I LOVE faeries, angels, unicorns, mermaids, and all things mystical! This is a far cry from my former life as a BBC News Journalist!”

Karen writes a regular column in Soul & Spirit magazine. She founded the 3 Wishes Fairy Festival, the UK’s first faerie festival with overnight camping, live music stages and faerie entertainment. She also founded the first UK Faery Balls established in 2006. She has organised events since 1994 and founded Love & Light Events, the divine platform for all of her events, past, present, and future – including; Earth, Health & Mystic Fayres (Est. 1994), The Angel Conference (a one-off event in 1999), Faery, Angel & Healing Fayre (Est. 2003),  The Green Man Midsummer Festival in Birmingham (a one-off event in 2005), The Faery Ball (Est 2006) and the 3 Wishes Faery Fest (Est 2007). She launched the Glastonbury Avalon Faery Ball and Avalon Faery Fayre in 2009. Her journalistic experience and a Post Graduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism has proved to be invaluable regarding her current role as Editor in Chief for FAE Magazine (Faeries and Enchantment).

In 2000 she became a qualified Broadcast Journalist, and worked for the BBC and independent Radio stations including Pirate FM as a BJ (Broadcast Journalist) and News Editor. Karen currently writes a monthly fairy column for Soul & Spirit magazine.

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Karen was also the Cornwall Editor for Connect, an environmental magazine. She was also a columnist in South West Connections magazine. She has been an event organiser for more than 26 years and founded Love & Light Events, the divine umbrella for her events including; Earth, Health & Mystic Fayres (Est. 1994) The Angel Conference (a one-off event in 1999), Faery, Angel & Healing Fayre (Est. 2003), The Faery Ball (Est 2006) and the 3 Wishes Faery Fest (Est 2007).