Leslie Ann via Facebook: Your guided meditation and talk was so inspiring. HUG A TREE

Laurie  via Facebook: I loved traveling into the lovely roots with the gnomes. I will hold that feeling dearly in my heart. Thank you! 🌿

@T_MagneticSoul  via Twitter: Hello Karen, I absolutely enjoyed your talk in this Summit. Thank you for the meditation with the Gnomes, it was a first for me, compared to the familiar the faeries. You sparked a new curiosity in me, where immediately the next day I visited the forest and acknowledged the faeries, forest guardian, and now including the gnomes.

@swedish_folklore via Instagram: @karenkayfairy One of my biggest dreams is to visit Glastonbury and one of your events! I loved your talk on Hay House Angel seminar btw! 😊💕

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Comments from the Hay House World Angel Summit 2017