Meditation CD’s & MP3’s by Karen Kay

Manifesting with the Fairies – Meditation Series


Yay! My Manifesting with the Fairies Meditation Series of seven guided visualisations is now released, and you can listen FREE for 14 days with a free-trial on the Hay House “EMPOWER YOU” APP

The series was recorded exclusively for Hay House and includes the following meditations inspired by cards from my new oracle deck:

  • Calmness
  • Wishes Granted
  • Courage
  • Intuition
  • Success
  • Appreciation
  • Forgiveness

“These magical meditations, created by renowned fairy communicator Karen Kay, will take you on sensory journeys to beautiful fairy realms. Let the fairies help you manifest your deepest desires with these calming visualizations where you will meet magical and beautiful beings from the fairy realm who will give you kind, wise guidance. They will help to articulate your wishes and strengthen your intuition, as well as teach you practical techniques to bring more fairy love, light, and joy into your everyday life.” – @hayhouseinc

Art by @janedelaford




I have produced several meditation CD’s & MP3’s to help with a peaceful and positive lifestyle.

Healing with the Unicorns

Joint projects with Michael Tingle

The albums below were recorded, co-written and produced by by Michael Tingle

Through the Faerie Portal

(Double gatefold CD album)


The Wheel of Fortune


The Sorcerers Daughter

by Medwyn Goodall – MG MUSIC

Featuring the vocals of Karen Kay on The Sorcerer’s Daughter – Aria