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Oracle Card Reading and Fairy News

Hello magical friend,

What a wonderful and magical whirlwind it has been over these past few weeks! It’s all hands on fairy deck now as I prepare for my 3 Wishes Fairy Festival (16-18 August) and for my presentation at the TABI Conference in Manchester next month. All the details are below if you scroll down the page. Plus a few photos from last weekend at Glastonbury Faerie Day yay! New date for 2025 is Saturday 31st May!

Card for the Week

Published by Hay House. Featuring the artwork of Jane Delaford Taylor


Tune in to your passion and express this in the world. Give your passion wings and allow it to be released. 


This fairy queen is so absorbed in expressing her passion for music that she hardly notices if anyone else is present. It’s her wish that you too feel this zeal in your life as you devote yourself to the things and activities that delight your heart and make your soul sing. She says that when your passion is channeled through excitement and enthusiasm, everyone will be able to feel the intention behind whatever you’re doing or creating. It’s time to ask yourself what you’re passionate about. Whatever it is, make time for it, as your batteries will surely be recharged when it’s expressed with full fairy fervor!

This card can appear when you feel a lack of passion in your life, or in a relationship. If this is the case, take a little trip down memory lane and recall a time when you did feel passionate about life or a particular person. Ask yourself what if anything has changed. Is it you or them? If you can take yourself to the root of the issue, you have a real chance of igniting your passion again.

When the ‘Passion’ and ‘Enthusiasm’ cards appear together in a spread, prepare for an active expression of passion to manifest! What lights you up? Do that! The fairies are right behind you, encouraging you to express yourself.


Manifest passion by doing what brings you joy in life – those activities that make your heart and soul rejoice! You’ll feel more fulfilled and energized when you allow your passions to be free.


I imbue everything I do with passion. My passion is heart-led, and expressing it brings me joy.

If you are enjoying the cards, and you could leave me a review on Amazon I’d be grateful.

Manifesting with the Fairies

 Manifesting with the Fairies by Karen Kay with art by Jane Delaford Taylor. Published by Hay House.


3 Wishes Fairy Festival 2024

3 magical days and nights within the aura of Avalon, with views of Glastonbury Tor, who could ask for more!


I’m speaking on Saturday 20th July – See tabi.org.uk/event/2024-summer-conference

With love, light and magical fairy blessings

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