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Upcoming chat show and workshop

Straight Talk for the Soul
update: Tuesday 5th October at 7pm BST (11am PT)

You are cordially invited to join the amazing Host Cari Murphy @straighttalkwithcari and myself for the Straight Talk for the Soul Global Masterclass Series! On Tuesday 5th October at 11am PT (7pm BST). I’ll be talking all things fairy and mermaid and more! Plus you’ll experience a guided meditation journey.

Cari’s show provides upliftment and support to all lightworkers and wayshowers like YOU! Please join us and spread the word.

I’ll be offering some exclusive special offers for participants of Straight Talk for the Soul only!

Register to listen for free here


NEW DATE!!! Sunday 3rd October at 7pm BST

Opening the Door to the Fairy Realm

Hosted by The Infinity Foundation on ZOOM

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