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What a magical start to 2023! 

Happy new year!! Wow what a magical start to 2023!

I don’t know about you but I often find I lay awake at night and can’t get t sleep, especially around a full moon, or if there’s something playing on my mind. I have searched for sleep meditations to no avail, so, I decided to create my own, and IT WORKS!! I listened twice and fell asleep both times! So I’m sharing here with you, so you can feel more relaxed and sleep more deeply with my NEW Away with the Fairies guided Meditation MP3 – You can download it NOW, right HERE!

I have a busy start to 2023, and you’ll find some of the things I’m doing below… do stay in touch and we can walk, fly or skip! Happily in the new year…


NEW Guided Meditation  – Away with the Fairies


Allow the dream fairies to lull you into a deep, peaceful and restful sleep. Feel totally relaxed and at peace with the world. This 60 minute guided meditation by Karen Kay, with gentle music composed by Michael Tingle, combined with Karen’s soothing voice, will provide the perfect sleeping aid to a deep and restful sleep.

Photo editing by Tytaniafairy
Photography by Irena Kharchenko


LIVE on 25th January online


Exciting news for January! You’ve got something amazing and divine to share which is utterly unique to you. It’s like treasure which sings and shines and dances inside you, even when you have no idea how to find it or share it with the world.
If you’d like help connecting with your magical inner treasure, I’m going to be sharing a special session on ‘Your Divine Uniqueness’ (Link to join is in my Bio), and I’d love you to join me for free on 25th January 2023
Save the date to your fairy diary!

My Cornwall with Fern Britton

My Cornwall with Fern Britton starts on Wednesday 4th January at 8pm on Channel 5 and My5 Catch-up – Produced by Two Four.

In this magical new series, Fern Britton will explore inspirational landscapes, hidden history and extraordinary people in a quest to find out what gives modern Cornwall its heart and soul. For almost 1,000 years Cornwall was divided into 10 distinct and historic regions known as ‘hundreds’, each one with its own unique culture and character. Fern explores these ‘hundreds’ to delve deeper into the roots of the charming and breath-taking place she is proud to call home.’
My Cornwall with Fern Britton starts on Wednesday 4th January at 8pm on Channel 5 – Produced by Two Four.



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