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Working with the Energies of the Fairies in the Certified Hay House Card Reader Course Online

Yay!! Very exciting news!

Have you ever wanted to explore card-reading professionally? If so this is for you, a wonderful opportunity to learn card reading techniques with 11 Hay House authors including yours truly! As a part of this course I share a unique bonus lesson…

This one-of-a-kind lesson from fairy expert Karen Kay will teach you all about how to bring the fun, loving, lighthearted energy of the fairies into your card readings. You will discover:

  • Seven Protection and Grounding Techniques: While this is important for any reading, it’s especially important to do when working with the “fizzy” energy of the fairies.
  • How to Create a Sacred Space: Set up your space to call in positive energy—with some special tips for making it attractive to the fairies.
  • The Fairy Ring and Fairy Star Spreads: Experience two complex spreads that work especially well for calling in the guidance of the fairies.
  • Unique Ways to Use Fairy Cards beyond Readings: Whether you want to beckon healing energy or call upon the manifesting power of the fairies, you can use a fairy deck for so much more than readings.

Join myself and 10 other incredible Hay House authors for the CERTIFIED CARD READER Online Course!

Reading the stories in the cards is what The Certified Card Reader Online Course is all about.

In this A-to-Z guide to card reading, you’ll work with eleven acclaimed professional card readers to learn how to access your intuition, build up your symbol-assessment skills, and create the proper energy and spreads so you can give accurate readings every time.

You’ll also get sage advice on the ins and outs of creating a spiritual business of your own, if that’s something you’d like to do. Or if you don’t want to do that, you’ll learn how to integrate card reading into your current professional practice—whether you’re a coach, therapist, interior designer, or anything else.

So, join Colette Baron-Reid, Kyle Gray, Rebecca Campbell, Abiola Abrams, Denise Linn, Radleigh Valentine, Chris-Anne, Sandra Anne Taylor, Rev. Sharon Anne Klingler, Krystal Banner, and Karen Kay to learn everything you need to know about card reading. Their fun stories, practical demonstrations, and step-by-step guides (delivered in nearly 40 hours of teaching!) will build your skills, so you can move confidently forward helping people with the sacred art of card reading.

Click HERE to join and receive the special discount if you sign-up by Monday 7th November

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