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Your oracle card of the day from Karen Kay

Hi! I’m flying by with your card of the day, well, the week ahead actually! In fact, whenever you see this card and message is the perfect time for you…

Card of the day/week: Journey

It’s time to prepare for a journey! It may be impromptu or planned – either way, make sure you’re ready when the time comes. Pack your passport now.

It seems you may be about to embark on an exciting journey, so start packing your suitcase or backpack right away – but remember to travel light so you can easily be spontaneous, both with your physical journeys and with the journeys of your heart and being.

Perhaps this is the right time to set out on an adventure of your own – you never know who you might meet. You may find yourself thinking about relocating or even moving to another country. It’s worth signing up to low‐cost‐travel websites to see what bargains appear, or go back to basics and just stick a pin in a map and travel there.

Maybe you know someone who deserves a holiday or a day out. You could take the initiative and invite them to join you on a fun‐filled fairy journey. This card may also be telling you that your passport needs to be renewed.

The Fairy of Travelling, pictured on this card with a speedy hare, is telling you to prepare and be ready to take a leap of faith when the moment is right. It’s a potentially super‐exciting time, full of fun, as you venture into the wonderful unknown. It’s also a chance to feel truly alive and surrender to your magical destiny, banishing any preconceived plans or expectations. This message may also relate to members of your family who are about to move or go on holiday.

However it manifests, a journey is imminent. It might be near or far, or even an inner journey, but the main thing is that you’re ready and willing!


Message from Oracle of the Fairies by Karen Kay with art by Ginger Kelly. Published by Hay House.

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