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“This was such a lovely day. I Learned so much and experienced a beautiful Fairy Meditation with Karen Kay. I feel so much more connected to the fairies thanks to this experience. Thank you @karenkayfairy ” ~ via @rhiansangelichealing on Instagram


Forthcoming Workshops, Talks,  Radio Shows, and Podcasts



Join me THIS SUNDAY 12th July at 10am until 10.45 for a Mermaid workshop on ZOOM!

Karen will reveal her findings from connecting with these beautiful not-so-mythical creatures of the sea! She will share oracle readings during this session and also include a guided mer-ditation! So you can connect with the mermaids too. Mermaids flow in the water and are able to help with the flow of e-motions (energy in motion) and so, are perfect tow work with when dealing with emotional issues, as well as matters of spirituality and the heart.

Join Karen for this light-hearted journey into the watery realms of the mermaids.

February 2020: Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th 2020. You’ll find me in Dorset for The Lighthouse Holistic Festival where I will be sharing two workshops including my DEBUT Mermaid workshop! Plus Connecting and Manifesting with the Fairies!

 Join Karen Kay, author of Oracle of the Fairies on 16th & 17th November 2019 at
The Global Spiritual Awakening Conference online!

Join me at Birmingham’s NEC at the Mind Body Spirit – Wellbeing Festival on Saturday 2nd November (3.30-5.30pm) £15

Opening the fairy door to connect and manifest with the guardians of nature


Join me at the Glastonbury Fairy Weekend – 19th – 20th October

September 2019:

Thursday 26th September!

So, what’s next for The Fairy Lady! Not one but TWO broadcasts on Thursday 26th September! My first ever Hay House Facebook LIVE will be at 8pm UK Time! So I do hope you’ll fly over to join me!


Join me on the HAY HOUSE UK Facebook page tomorrow Thursday 26th September LIVE! Join the event page HERE!

I will lead you through the Magical Gateway and into the Fairy Realm. She’ll also be doing some mini-readings during this session using my new Oracle of the Fairies cards.


12RADIO SHOW at 4pm UK Time

Also on Thursday 26th September, I will be appearing on with the magical Erica Longdon at 4pm (UK Time). I will be chatting with Erica about all things fairy, followed by some one-card readings for my Oracle fo the Fairies deck. The show will be available to listen to after it’s aired too, so I will share info about the play in another newsletter. You can listen live on the website at or join Erica and I in the chat room at


July 2019:

You’ll find Karen Kay at The Healing Weekend in Somerset on Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th July 2019


September 2019: Avebury Fairy Weekend on 21st and 22nd at the Henge Shop with Karen Kay and Friends! visit the Facebook event page HERE

October 2019: I will be hosting a very special workshop at Glastonbury Town as a part of the Fairy Fayre. Details coming soon.




June 2019: 3 Wishes Fairy Festival on 21st to 23rd June at Mount Edgcumbe Country Park, Cremyll, Torpoint, Cornwall, UK. Visit website at

March 2019: You’ll find me in Bristol for The Bristol Holistic Festival where I will be sharing some fairy wisdom during two free fairy workshops on Sat 30th and sun 31st March.

March 2019: Hear me being interviewed by Judy Anderson, host of Jazz Up Your Life with Judy on March 19th at 11am Mountain Time (US) or 5pm UK Time.
Register for this telesummit for FREE here JAZZ UP YOUR LIFE!


March 2019: I will be hosting my “Opening the Fairy Door” workshop at Glastonbury Town as a part of the Fairy Fayre. Book tickets HERE

February 2019: You’ll find me in Dorset for The Lighthouse Holistic Festival where I will be sharing some fairy wisdom during a two free fairy workshops.

January 2019: SUNDAY 27th January – Fairies and Unicorns Manifesting Meditation and Talk at The Healing Light Festival at Heartlands in Cornwall. 


DECEMBER: International Angels Radio Show on 9th December with host Claudia Ibarra – Facebook event page HERE

November 2018: Fairy workshop at the Kempton Park, Holistic & Mystic, MBS & Wellbeing Weekend – on SATURDAY 17th NOVEMBER at 1.30pm to 2.20pm


October 2018: Manifesting with the fairies workshop on Saturday 20th October at 2pm at the Avalon Fairy Weekend in Glastonbury. Click HERE to book.

September 2018:Fairy workshop on Saturday 15th September 2018 at The Healing Light Festival at Heartlands in Cornwall. 

Sunday 12th August at midnight (BST) 4pm (Pacific) and 7pm (Eastern). I’m super-excited to be a special guest of the amazing Claudia Ibarra founder of the International Angels Network


July 2018: Manifesting with the Fairies workshop, and Fairy Ring Healing & Wishing Circle on Friday 13th July at 1.30pm to 2.30pm  and Saturday 14th July at 11am to 12 noon The Healing Weekend in Somerset.


June 2018:  ‘Fairy Ring’ Healing and Wishing opening circle at the 3 Wishes Fairy Festival at 1pm at the Stone Circle on Friday 15th June 2018.

April 2018: ‘Fairy Ring’ Healing and Wishing workshop at the Bristol Holistic Festival. My workshop takes place at 3.15 until 4pm on Saturday 21st April. Participation is free and is included in the daily entry ticket price. Join the Facebook workshop page here

March 2018: Manifesting with the Fairies on Saturday 10th March at Glastonbury Town Hall, Fairy Fayre – Free workshop at 4pm to 5pm.

February 2018: Free talk and guided gnome and fairy meditation with Karen Kay – The Fairy Lady at the Tree Spirit Telesummit