Finding Inner Peace with the Faeries

We all know that feeling, when you are walking in nature, and a wave of peace washes over you. In our busy daily lives we all need an escape so we can connect with our inner being and experience that stillness within. It is very healing to do this on many levels.

It makes perfect sense that the fairies are peaceful beings, especially as they are surrounded by nature all the time! They really are ‘at one’ with the great outdoors, so we can learn a thing or two from them. If you took a few moments to meditate, imagine how peaceful you could be. Surrounding yourself with fresh flowers, ideally ones that are still growing, is very uplifting and brings about a sense of feeling uplifted and peaceful. Plus, there’s the beautiful fragrance that flowers bring. Scent is a wonderful way to bring about a peaceful environment, which is why many people also burn incense to help create a peaceful atmosphere. Just like how spraying some of Le Male Elixir before you go out boosts your confidence. Aromatherapy oil diffusers are another way to bring fragrance into your home – and the fae folk love them!

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