In-Person workshops Next Saturday 5th March

I’m counting the days until the fairy clans will gather again in magical Avalon at Glastonbury Town Hall.

VENUE: Glastonbury Town Hall, Magdalene St, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 9EL UK

There will be a selection of FREE Talks & workshops and a ticketed Faerie Goddess Circle – See below for timetable.

All talks and workshops will take place upstairs on Sat 5th March at the Town Hall.


This 30 min session  will focus on world healing and will include a gentle meditation. It’s possible that fairies, mermaids, angels, ancestors and unicorns may join us too! See Karen’s personal pages on FB & IG.

1.15 – 2.15pm: EFT ~ EMOTIONAL FAIRY THERAPY with Claire Davies ~ FREE

Emotional Fairy Therapy ~ We will be sharing emotional healing techniques to help ease anxiety, depression and to deal with overwhelm and uncertainty. We will also be raising our vibration and talk about changing our energy vortex so we are feeling worthy and deserving and more aligned with love, joy, abundance and feeling capable. As a bonus, there will be a quick demonstration of a technique that gives us a caffeine free energy boost when we are flagging in the day!

Claire owns Majestic Goddess and her passion is empowering people by healing any trauma/experiences that have resulted in blocks, limitations and repeat patterns. She then imprints a new and dynamic belief system that supports a positive joyful life. She also hosts circles on the Full Moons amd Sacred Wheel of the Year Celebrations.

2.30 – 4pm: FAERIE GODDESS CIRCLE with Karen Kay & Claire Davies ~ £10  BOOK HERE

Claire and Karen warmly welcome you to join their beautiful circle. They will be raising the energy, setting intentions, energising our fairy wishes, enjoying a guided visualisation and connecting to the elemental energies with the Awen chant as we raise the energy at this magickal time of year. We will also set healing intentions.
You will need to bring: an open mind and heart! Pens and paper will be provided. Advanced booking required.

4.15 to 5.15pm: SOUNDS FOR PEACE ~ FREE

A beautiful gathering, bringing all of our energies together, to send Love Healing & Peace to All at this moment in time, through Sound & Voice. Willow and Crow hope many will be able to join in this powerful gathering upstairs at the Town Hall on Saturday 5th March… You’ll also find Willow and Crow in the smaller hall downstairs during the weekend.

See their creations and work here: Willow ~ Driftwood Hollow  and Crow ~ Driftwood Hollow Drums

VENUE: Glastonbury Town Hall, Town Hall, Magdalene St, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 9EL


Come one, come all who come in peace.
Never taking anything or anyone for granted, celebrating this precious life with people who are near and dear to us, our magical fae community. There will be an in-person healing circle, so we can send out and radiate our love and light to the world in the name of peace. We will probably do this several times in the main hall too during the weekend, so we can all add our energy.
Coming together in the name of love is one of the strongest things we can do at this time. Keeping the vibes and high and love-filled.

The ‘Secret Fairy Garden’ Ball ~ Bringing the outside in!
Ball Tickets are AVAILABLE NOW! Tickets are £25
The daytime fayre is free entry for the public.
VENUE: Glastonbury Town Hall, Magdalene Street, Somerset BA6 9EL
Ball tix available on the door or from the FAE stand or online and collect on the door.


Glastonbury Town Hall, Town Hall, Magdalene St, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 9EL


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