I love Cows

The dream

In an ideal world all cows should be happy cows! Free to eat grass, and give their milk to their own calves. We can but dream, but we can also do something about this.

If you use Parmesan cheese on your pasta, and especially if you don’t! You might wish to sign this petition:


The cows that are used to produce this Italian cheese are kept in appalling conditions, and many do not know what it’s like to eat grass! (Please note I would never knowingly share shocking videos, this video just shows the reality of the way these cows are living.)

The reality

Only yesterday I was talking about how cows are content when eating grass in a field, well, these Italian “Parmesan” cows are exploited, and this natural right is taken away, what for? For the sake of cheese on pasta!

It makes me feel so sad, especially when there are so many amazing vegan cheeses available that are really tasty too. Cows are sentient beings – Please sign to help their plight.
Please please please consider drinking plant-based milk instead of dairy milk, and try plant-based cheese instead.

These conditions only occur because of supply and demand, imagine if your choice to stop using dairy products really could create a positive change in the lives of these cows, and in the world at large… just imagine xxx


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